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Host family

A host family is the best type of accommodation for your stay. It means you are one of the family and you are immersed in the language so you will make more rapid progress in French and discover French and Breton culture. The family is chosen for you according to your interests and particular needs. We choose the family that corresponds most closely to your needs to ensure that you have the best possible stay.
-The host family takes care of the transfer to and from the airport or station.
-Half board (breakfast and evening meal) is provided from Monday to Friday. The CIEL Bretagne has a self-service restaurant which is open at lunch time on week days.
-Full board at the weekend.
-A single room with bathroom which may be private or shared with the family.

2022 & 2023 PRICES: 224 € / week                32 € / extra night


Ciel Bretagne chooses the host families with care.
Accommodation in a host family is the best way to learn the language.
It will also allow you to learn about the French way of life.
Your family will enjoy finding out about your country too!

1. Arrival

As soon as you receive the details of your host family, we invite you to let them know your travel plans: place of arrival, date and time, so that they can arrange to meet you.
If you have not informed your host family of your travel plans one week before your arrival, we ask you to find your own way to the given address on the Sunday after 7pm. To facilitate your arrival at the school on the first day, your host family are asked to accompany you to CIEL Bretagne that morning.

2. Meals

Accommodation with a host family is organised as follows:

  • half board (breakfast and evening meal) Monday to Friday.
  • full board at the week-end (breakfast, lunch and evening meal).

The host family does not provide lunch during the week and we ask you to respect this rule. You can have lunch at the cafeteria in CIEL Bretagne.
The evening meal is the chance to be with your family and gives time for conversation and discussion. If you are going to miss a meal for any reason please inform your hosts.
For the excursions organised at the weekend by CIEL Bretagne, you can ask your host family to prepare a picnic to replace the midday meal but please inform them by Thursday that you will require a packed lunch to allow time for them to organise it.

3. Accommodation

Your accommodation will be a single room.
The bathroom may be private or shared with the family.
Bed linen and towels are provided by the host family and changed regularly.
The cleaning of the room is not done by the host family. Washing clothes: the use of the washing machine is organised with the host family. An iron can be provided if you wish to iron clothes.
The accommodation should allow you to have contact with the family if you wish or be on your own without disturbing each other. As in your own home, you should respect the others in the family and the house rules ie. avoid making too much noise if you come back late, playing music too loud, spending too long in the bathroom, receiving telephone calls after 10pm etc – In fact all the common sense rules that make for peaceful cohabitation.
Living with a host family is based on mutual respect, communication and confidence.

4. Departure

Students should leave their room on the Saturday morning following the end of their course. If you wish to stay for an extra day or more you should inform the CIEL at least one week before your departure.

5. Insurance

We advise you to take out a complimentary insurance which will cover you in case of illness or repatriation.
Any damage or breakages which you cause in the host family will be your responsibility.

6. Form for Under age students

If you are under 18 years of age, a “disclaimer of responsibility” form will be sent to you. It should be completed and signed by your parents and given to your host family at the beginning of your stay.

Your host family will do their best to meet your expectations. If there should be a misunderstanding for any reason don’t hesitate to talk to them about it. However if there is a serious problem which cannot be solved, which is extremely rare, please come and speak to us.

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