Methodology – Class activities



At CIEL BRETAGNE, you will be able to take advantage of  efficient learning methods using a communicative and task based approach developed from many years of research.  Following the principle I do, therefore I remember” you will always be an active participant in your learning.

USING AUTHENTIC MATERIAL:written, audio, video,  your teacher will help you to:

  • study grammatical structures, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary in context,
  • manipulate sentences and words,
  • hypothesize about the use and/or the workings of the elements of the language being studied,
  • add personal examples,
  • develop learning aids  (such as vocabulary lists, grammar tips etc.)
  • put the language into practice through the use of written and oral activities both individually and as a group

These methods along with regular exercises will lead you to  analyse the language and so develop your autonomy in the learning of the language 

Class activities

The diversity of the activities during class will permit you to look at all aspects of the French language, including register and cultural aspects necessary for good communication.

  • role plays and discussions
  • preparation and presentation of a subject
  • listening and practice of the sounds of French
  • grammar exercises and activities to practice the grammar in context.
  • written expression guided, semi-guided and free
  • language games to help you memorize the vocabulary, use the grammar and improve your pronunciation

Activities may be done as individual assignments, pairwork and groupwork.



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