Educational Team

Some of the Ciel Bretagne Teachers' team:
Experienced, qualified and creative teachers:

All of our teaching staff have a Masters 1 or 2 in teaching French as a foreign language and have been chosen not only for their professional skills but also for their  interpersonal qualities :

  • experience in teaching abroad,
  • teaching in monolingual and international groups,
  • fluent in one or more foreign languages e.g. English, German, Breton, Japanese, Spanish
  • good,up-to-date knowledge of digital teaching tools
  • consientious, motivated,  receptive, adaptable,
  • enthusiasm, sense of humour, creativity, dynamism, and much more
What makes our teaching team  unique and unforgettable:

The majority of our teachers know each other having worked together at Ciel Bretagne for many years and, as friends, they work naturally as a team; exchanging course materials, teaching tips and experiences which enables them to constantly renew and improve their teaching methods.

One Task: to share their knowledge and passion for the French language with you.

One Objective: to give you the necessary skills to be able to progress in French and help you to achieve your linguistic goals.

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