Qualité FLE

Science and technology of the sea

A program proposed in association with Campus France
30 hours a week over 3 weeks

  • 15 hours of instruction each week in French as a foreign language
  • 15 hours thematic activities : professional meetings (companies, institutes…) and cultural visits

Undergraduate (bachelor’s level) students seeking a period of language, scientific and cultural immersion in France.

In French: beginner
In English: level B2 required

> June 19th to July 07th, 2023 / Application deadline: April 15, 2023

3 weeks: (Tuition + accommodation)

  • €2,140 (University housing)
  • €2,412 (Host family)
  • €2,740 (Private apartment)

For any registration to this program, please contact directly: info@ciel.fr 

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FRENCH ⊕ SCIENCES is a linguistic, scientific and cultural immersion course, offering French language learning and exposure, in English, to France’s scientific environment in the field of science and technology of the sea.

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Ciel Bretagne, in association with Campus France, Technopôle Brest Iroise, and Campus Mondial de la Mer, offers English-speaking students with beginner-level French a 3-week program of visits to companies and stateof- the-art laboratories (conducted in English), conferences on current and future challenges facing the engineering professions, and courses in French as a foreign language. The program also includes a wide selection of excursions and cultural visits centered on the theme of “Science and technology of the sea”.

Course content : 30 hours per week

French-language instruction and thematic activities cover 30 hours a week over 3 weeks

> 15 lessons each week of French as a foreign language, enabling students to acquire or improve their oral and written communication skills ;
> A program of visits to companies and institutes specialized in the field of marine resources ;
> A program of cultural visits to discover the attractions of the Brittany region.


> 3 weeks

> June 19th to July 07th, 2023 / Application deadline: April 15, 2023

> Brest

> French Sciences & University housing: 2140 €
> French Sciences & Host family: 2412 €
> French Sciences & Private apartment: 2740 €

Download the program-3 weeks at Ciel Bretagne

In association with Campus France

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