Our strengths

A small, friendly school

The school can accommodate 200 to 250 students at any one time.  This means that we are better able to give you a warm welcome and provide individual attention.

The staff of  Ciel Bretagne are looking forward to welcoming you: the teachers and the support team are there to help you progress in your linguistic objectives and enable you to discover our beautiful  region.

Careful, regular  monitoring

When you enroll you will be asked to do a level test.  This is to enable us to place you in the appropriate group the day of your arrival at Ciel Bretagne. After that there is a class test every Friday to help you measure your progression.

Whatever the duration of your stay at the school and the type of course you choose to do, you receive a certificate at the end which gives the dates, the number of hours and the level of the course you have completed (provided you have attended a minimum of 80% class).

For groups, we provide a pedagogical report giving details of marks, attendance and an individual appreciation of each participant.

A network of carefully chosen host families

The Ciel Bretagne has chosen host families who are interested in speaking to people from all over the world and learning about different countries  In exchange, they enjoy  teaching you about French culture and are proud to help you discover their beautiful region.  For greater comfort, most of our host families live in individual houses.

A region with character

Among Brittany’s many facets such as its varied landscapes, its legends, its sports activities: walking, climbing, water sports  (sailing, surfing, kite-surfing, standup paddle etc), its history, culture and its festivals, you are bound to find an activity to suit you.

At the heart of a land of inspiration: Brittany

For many people, including writers, musicians, actors and sailors , from Chateaubriand, Max Jacob, Pierre-Jakes Hélias, Henri Quéffelec, Georges Simenon, to Yann Quéffelec, Irène Frain, Miossec, Alan Stivell, Dan Ar Braz, Yann Tiersen, Olivier de Kersauson, Nolwenn Leroy and many others, Brittany is a source of inspiration.

Brittany, a region of innovation

Brittany has also produced many captains of industry:

  • Vincent Bolloré, President of Havas, the sixth most important communication group in the world. The Bolloré group is present in the sectors of transport, logistics and energy distribution.  In particular he has developed the “BLUECAR”.
  •  The Guillemot brothers, creators of Ubisoft, video games known worldwide with Prince of Persia and  Assassin’s Creed,
  • Louis Le Duff, his concept of fast food restaurants has been sold worldwide.
  • ·    Jean-Guy Le Floch, director of Armor Lux, a textile company well known for its sailor stripes tee shirts.

The region also has the Frenchtech label because of its dynamic digital technology enterprises and the presence of innovative companies in the fields of renewable and marine energies

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