Qualité FLE

Intensive French course

20 lessons of 55 minutes / week
12 students maximum per class
Levels  A1 – C2
Classes start each Monday except complete beginner level and public holidays.
Starting dates for beginners 2023: 3th January, 27th February, 9th May, 3rd July, 31st July, 4th September, 9th October
Public holidays 2023: 10th April, 1/8/18/29th May, 14th July, 15th August, 1st November
Annual closure period 2023: from 23 December  to 7 January 2024 included.

Prices / week :

  • 1 to 6 week(s) : 295 €
  •  7 to 12 weeks : 280€
  • 13 to 18 weeks : 265€
  • 19 to 23 weeks : 255€
  •  24 (6 months) to 35 weeks : 205€
  • 36 weeks (9 months) and more : 180€
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Our intensive French courses in international groups are open to people of 16 years old or over.


Our intensive French courses  are open all year except for 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays when the school is closed.

  • Courses start every Monday except if you are a beginner (specific starting dates).
  • 20 lessons of 55 minutes per week from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm, 20 an international group
  • Minimum course length : 1 week (no maximum).


Doing our intensive French course, you will:

  • develop the 4 communication skills  (oral comprehension and expression, and written comprehension and expression),
  • enrich your vocabulary,
  • improve your pronunciation,
  • master the  language structure,
  • widen your knowledge of  French life and culture.

Levels of the intensive courses and the duration for each level

Depending on your progress, the duration presented here can be shortened or lengthened.

Level Sub-level Number of units Number of hours Total duration per level
A1 A1.1 4 80 160
A1.2 4 80
A2 A2.1 3 60 180
A2.2 3 60
A2.3 3 60
B1 B1.1 4 80 240
B1.2 4 80
B1.3 4 80
B2 B2.1 5 100 300
B2.2 5 100
B2.3 5 100
C1 6 120 120
C2 6 120 120

Class size 

In our intensive French courses, class size is limited to 12 participants to :

  • encourage dialogue and cultural exchanges  between participants,
  • give more speaking time which is necessary for oral practice of the language,
  • enable your teacher to quickly identify your learning strategies, aptitude and  difficulties,
  • help you to take full advantage of your potential,
  • enable you to benefit from a personalised accompaniment which takes into account your progress.

Consolidation of language skills, assessments

Doing an intensive course at Ciel Bretagne, is to give yourself the best chance of progressing and succeeding in your learning thanks to:

  • Daily homework to facilitate the memorisation  of vocabulary and review the grammatical structures studied in class.  This helps to maintain regular and sustained progress.
  • Weekly test every Friday on the work covered during the week  (length and type of test adapted to the level).

Attendance, course certificate and grades 

At the end of your intensive course you will receive:

  • Course certificate  (given directly to you by your teacher on the last day of your course providing attendance has been regular).
  • Weekly attendance register for long term courses.
  • Transcript by simple request to the head of studies. (systematic for long term courses and grant holders).eport card  by simple request to the head of studies. (systematic for long term courses and grant holders).

Placement Test

When you sign up for a course at  Ciel Bretagne, you have to complete a placement test  which will enable us to place you in an appropriate group on the first day of class. This test is to send in the same time as your application form.

For your placement in an intensive group of a particular level, the head of studies takes the following factors into account:

  • all of the linguistic elements ,
  • your personal details (age, mother tongue, interests, links with the French language etc.)
  • the duration of your course
  • and your objectives

This test also  test allows  us to check that there will be a class corresponding to your level on the date you have chosen to start your course at the school.

The Programme for your first day on your intensive French course

  • Welcome
  • Presentation of the team and practical information
  • Visit of the school
  • Integration into your class

During the first morning in class your teacher will check your level of oral comprehension and expression.  At the end of the first morning the head of studies will talk to your teacher and if you need to change groups it will be done the next day.

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