Qualité FLE

Professional French-Online private course

Public : anyone needing to improve their level of oral or written communication for their work
Available all year
Level : from A1.2
Number of hours : from 1 hour /week
Type : one to one lessons

2023 Price / hour : 70€


Any non-native French speaker working for a French or French speaking company who wishes to improve their written and/or spoken French for their work. 

These courses are eligible for CPF.

Level required

Minimum  A1.2


Using authentic material, which may be written, audio or video, will enable you to:

  • acquire vocabulary specific to your field of work and your job
  • discover the particularities and demands  specific to a French clientele
  • practice speaking on the telephone
  • improve your ability to interact with colleagues, superiors  etc.
  • improve your comprehension and drafting of written documents
  • learn to chair and participate actively in a business meeting etc.


Our online private courses are organized with the Zoom videoconferencing system.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, morning or afternoon (between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm local time) depending on your availabilities and the number of class hours.


The course programme will take into account your level of French, the number of hours you have chosen and the information you will have provided in the needs analysis questionnaire. Thus you will acquire the precise skills you need.

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