Qualité FLE

University Pathway
Sciences & Technologies

180 hours class over 6 weeks – 20 ECTS CREDITS

Program Access Level: B1 minimum

5 students minimum – 12 maximum per classe

General French course in the morning (20h/week)

Preparation for higher education in the afternoon (10h/week)

2023 dates: 10th of July to 18th of August

Application deadline : 18th of  May

Program price for the 6 weeks: 2 910 € (i.e. 485 € /week)

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University Pathway is a program dedicated to students already enrolled in a French university, engineering school or Institut of Technology (IUT) who need to improve their level of French and acquire all the skills and knowledge corresponding to the requirements of French higher education before starting the academic year.

Intensive general French course in the morning, in an international group:

  • Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • 12 students max. / class
  • Courses taught in French only
  • CEFR-compliant training program
  • Communicative method based on an action-oriented approach
  • Progression of learning from everyday communication situations to autonomy in French
  • Individualized progression
  • Daily homework to progress faster
  • Test on Friday to check the achievements of the week

Class activities:

The diversity of the activities during class helps to look at all aspects of the French language, including register and cultural aspects necessary for good communication.

  • role plays and discussions
  • preparation and presentation of a subject
  • listening and practice of the sounds of French
  • grammar exercises and activities to practice the grammar in context
  • guided, semi-guided and free writing activities
  • language games to help memorize the vocabulary, use the grammar and improve the pronunciation

Activities may be done as individual assignments, pairwork and groupwork.

Preparation course for scientific and technical studies in the afternoon, in a closed group:

  • Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • 5 students minimum per class / 12 maximum per class
  • Individualized progression
  • Daily homework
  • Mid-term and final test to check the knowledge and skills acquired

Course program:

  • Discovery of higher education in France: types of establishments, organization, administration, functioning, sectors, expected skills, student services, etc.
  • Differentiation of courses given in higher education (CM, TD, TP).
  • Writings and evaluations expected in academia.
  • Methodology of university writings: summary, report, synthesis, dissertation.
  • Oral methodology: note taking, speaking, presentation.
  • Conception of an individual portfolio related to the field of studies.

End of program documents:

1. Detailed course certificate indicating the dates of the stay, the program followed, the levels covered, the attendance rate and the number of ECTS credits:


2. Individual transcript indicating:

  • the level at the start and end of the course by skill,
  • the marks of the weekly tests in intensive courses,
  • the marks of the mid-term test and final test during the afternoon,
  • the knowledge and skills acquired,
  • the general appreciations of the teachers on the participation, the regularity of the work, the motivation and the progression,
  • the teachers’ comments on weaknesses and strengths.
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