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To become a teacher at  CIEL Bretagne

All the teachers at CIEL Bretagne hold a French as a Foreign Language Masters degree (FLE). They master the different CECRL levels, the constituant parts of the different qualifications (DELF, DALF, TCF etc.) and are familiar with all the class materials available for teaching French as a Foreign Language (course books, internet resources, exam preparation materials, grammar, vocabulary, written and oral communication books etc.).

If you would like to teach at  CIEL Bretagne, here is some important information to consider before sending your application:

 Qualifications and skills required:

  • to have French as your mother tongue,
  • to have a FLE masters degree,
  • to have significant experience in teaching adults (level A1.1 to B2)  in an international group,
  • to master the CECRL levels,
  • to have a good knowledge of the teaching materials and resources available for FLE teaching including paper-based, internet, audio and video etc.
  • to be able to develop class content from training spécifications,
  • to be able to create formative evaluation tests.

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To do a FLE training period at CIEL Bretagne

As a training organisation and member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brest, every year we welcome students doing  Masters 1 and 2 in FLE.  The training periods last between 2 and 6 weeks and the assignments are adapted to the objectives of the training period and the skills and experience of the trainee.

  • observation of a class,
  • preparation and teaching of pedagogical point,
  • preparation and leading  linguistic and/or cultural workshops,
  • creation of educational sheets etc.
  • For any training period a training agreement is required.

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