As you thread your way through the picturesque narrow streets, the steep alleyways that rise and fall, and pass under the grand viaduct that makes this town so recognisable, you’ll discover why people are so fond of this medieval town.

Exploring Morlaix typically includes a few steep climbs to gain panoramic views, glimpses of gardens filled with lilac and wisteria, ancient chapels and even a miraculous fountain or two. You can happily lose your way in Morlaix!

The town centre has several ancient timbered houses of a style unique to Morlaix, embellished with carvings and still looking down passers-by with an elegant air of benevolence. The pedestrian streets are lined with homes that prove the town’s rich and prosperous past, while in the heart of the lower town, you’re sure to be drawn to the outstanding facades of two 16th century homes: the “Duchesse Anne” house and the “Maison à Pondalez”.

The trade of producing and weaving linen ensured that Morlaix prospered for several centuries, and Morlaix Port became the biggest port in Brittany. On the Quai du Léon, you can see the solid, impressive architecture of the Royal Tobacco Manufacturers. And of course, you can’t miss the unforgettable viaduct, a striking structure that spans the town and has become an iconic image of Morlaix.

Culture and Celebrations

Morlaix, town of a thousand faces, a town of character and history, also enjoys a lively calendar of events throughout the year.

Whilst there’s always something happening in Morlaix, summertime is the peak of the performance calendar with family entertainment, boating events and maritime festivals. Every year, a festival dedicated to Breton culture takes place in Morlaix, with traditional dance and music.

Every Wednesday in July and August, Morlaix plays host to street theatre artists and circus stars from all over the world.

For quieter adventures, make your way through the cobbled streets and enjoy the market stalls, the tiny boutiques and fascinating shops that combine to create the charm and originality of this harbour town. Shopkeepers, craftspeople and market traders alike will be pleased to welcome you and share their enthusiasm for their work.

Whatever the season, you can be sure there’s something going on in Morlaix!

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