Pont du Rohan-Landerneau

Thanks to a rich architectural heritage that includes several listed buildings, a simple stroll through the centre becomes a delight: houses of cut stone, timbered facades and slate coverings, right up to the bridge itself.

Landerneau is situated on the Brest estuary on the banks of the Elorn, where the Lands of Léon and Cornouaille meet. The town also includes several elegant residences that once belonged to the ship-owners who prospered from the linen trade here, exporting their wares from the nearby port (particularly the area around Saint-Thomas church).

A town for celebration!

Landerneau certainly knows how to party. There are events all year long, notably the big Folk Festival “Kann Al Loar” in July, the “Fête du Bruit” in August and, every other year, the Medieval Christmas festival (“Noël Médiéval”) in December. The town also has a great venue for shows and concerts called “Le Family” and a large multi-media centre.

The inhabited bridge, Pont de Rohan

There are precious few inhabited bridges in the world, and they are constructions unlike any other. The Pont De Rohan, with its shops, restaurants and homes, was one of the last inhabited bridges to be built in Europe, having celebrated its 500th birthday in 2010.

You can find traces of a bridge over the Elorn that connected the lands of Léon and Cornouaille way back in the 12th century. The stone bridge that can be seen today dates from 1510 and was built on the orders of the Viscount de Rohan. Its impressive pillars and 6 arches support buildings that have housed a succession of generations including millers and milliners, drapers and jewellers, saddlers and more…

A town of culture…

19 December 2019 –  26 April 2020 : Vladimir VELICKOVIC

Previous exhibitions

2018 : Henry MOORE / MITCHELL | RIOPELLE, Un couple dans la démesure

2017 : Pablo PICASSO

2016 : Nicolas de CRECY / Marc CHAGALL, de la poésie à la peinture / Hartung et les peintres lyriques

2015 : Alberto GIACOMETTI/ Lorenzo MATTOTTI

2014 : DUBUFFET, l’insoumis / Jacques MONORY

2013 : Joan MIRÒ, l’Arlequin artificier / 1975-1997 : la bande dessinée fait sa révolution…

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