Carnac, largest megalithic site in the world

Standing stones line up as far as the eye can see !


7000 years old, the megalithic alignments of Carnac are one of the most important centres of European prehistory in existence. The singularity of the Carnac megaliths is their extrordinary alignments and their sheer numbers, this is the largest gathering of standing stones of this type in the world. The two main sites (Ménec and Kermario) alone account for nearly 3,000 menhirs, and the alignments extend over almost four miles!

These structures are to this day surrounded by mystery. The menhirs are a stone army according to legend, or perhaps a place of worship. The dolmens and tumuli are actually individual or collective graves. The alignments probably had a religious significance and the whole site was almost certainly ceremonial and religious in nature.

See them for yourself and be amazed by this ancient and monumental architecture.

Beaches & Villas


The beaches

Sheltered and sunny, the five beaches of Carnac are much appreciated for the fine sand, a gentle slopes to the sea and the wonderfully invigorating and crystal clear waters.

The villas of Carnac

Carnac’s splendid early 20th century villas also impress visitors, as they rise up from the dune. The brothers Jamet built the first villas and were also architects of the abbeys of Kergonan and Plouharnel. Becase when they were built there was no running water system, each villa was built to hide the water cisterns of the house behind. A perfect example of 1900–1930 Breton seaside architecture, they line the beaches of the town and offer a panoramic view over the bay of Quiberon.

More about Carnac megaliths 

Maison des Mégalithes

Prehistory Museum of Carnac

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