Welcome to the Far West ! 


Forget everything you thought you knew about Brest, and come and explore the heart of this naval port, nestled in one of France’s most beautiful natural harbours.

The ocean call

Feel like a get-away trip to sea? You’ll be delighted to know that the sea is never far away when you’re at the tip of Finistère! Above all else, Brest is a city that is resolutely ocean-oriented.

Its magnificent natural harbour is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and will introduce you to the delights of sea air, the islands and coastline, etc., and its ports offer the ideal setting for when you are relaxing among friends.

Are you sporty ? If so, it’s time you discovered watersports. Windsurfing, kayak, kite surfing, optimist dinghy…it’s all here! A multitude of clubs and specialist stores are ready to welcome you. Close to the city centre, the Moulin Blanc beach, with its hordes of windsurfers, should give you an inkling of just how popular watersports are in Brest! And watersports are also synonymous with festivities and fun. Tall ship gatherings, regattas, etc.

A land fashioned by History

Budding historians, welcome to Brest! This is a city in which time has done its work well, and every neighbourhood bears the distinctive marks of its own history. From the work of Vauban to the destruction of World War II,  every aspect of the city’s architecture can trace its roots back to historic events. Monuments, military heritage buildings and museums are each a testament to the past, offering an opportunity to take a fascinating journey through the events that have made Brest what it is.

Escape to the natural world

Lovers of the natural world, you’ll be in your element here! Bordered by the sea and by the very tip of Finistère, Brest is a natural city with more than its fair share of lovely walks. Surrounded by remarkable natural sites, the city centre is jam-packed with green spaces and places to stroll. A wander along the coast, a picnic with the friends, a run through a thoroughly natural environment or a discovery walk.

On the programme: preserved landscapes, a great many coastal paths, both natural and ‘developed’ panoramic viewpoints overlooking one of the world’s vastest natural harbours – and all this, in a mild ocean climate that is friendly to a diverse range of plants.

A lively destination

Sport, entertainment, thrills, culture, etc. In Brest and its region, you’ll find a broad range of leisure activities all year round. Day or night, outings await you!  A visit to the museum, a few strokes at the pool, a concert of howling guitars, or an exploration of the marine environment? From the smallest event to the most spectacular, there’s something for everyone at the tip of Finistère.

In terms of entertainment, playful souls will be delighted to find karting, laser gaming, skating and bowling. And of course, in the place where lush greenery and the sea complement one another perfectly, there are endless adventures to be had in the great outdoors! Enjoy a stroll through the woods, finding your way through a giant labyrinth, etc.  Make the most of exceptional natural sites to find a different form of entertainment, in harmony with the elements.

In terms of culture, the Fine-Arts Museum, Passerelle Art Centre or Brittany Cinémathèque (film archive) will allow you to dive into the various facets of creative activity. Next, it will be time to sample a little live performance. Brest is a city in which the sound of music – Miossec, Yann Tiersen or Matmatah, for example – resounds at every crossroads. The Espace Vauban, Carène and Parc de Penfeld feature a very diverse range of artists all year round. And there is also, of course, the Quartz – Brest’s famous national theatre, where plays, dance and music have been magnificently presented, since 1988.

A land of flavors

Put an end to pre-conceived ideas, there are not only crêpes (pancakes) to eat in Brittany! It is a region in which gastronomy and tradition goes hand in hand, and where chefs demonstrate their originality. In Brest, there’s plenty to titillate your taste buds!

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