French terms and conditions courses in France brittany
  • Enrolment

Courses at CIEL Bretagne are open to young people and adults, aged 16 or over; the programmes for school groups from 14. Your enrolment will only become effective if accompanied by a deposit of 153 Ä. An enrolment made within less than 30 days from the starting date of the course must be accompanied by full payment for your stay. CIEL Bretagne will send you confirmation of your enrolment along with the address and phone number of your accommodation, if CIEL Bretagne has been asked to make those arrangements for you.

  • Payment

For greater safety and to avoid excessive banking fees, we strongly recommend that you pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard) to make your deposit or final settlement of your enrolment fees.

whatever the type of course chosen : 153 Ä, payable by convenience card, bank transfer, bank cheque, Travelers Cheque in Euros. Payment should be made in Euros to the order of CIEL Bretagne, with the name of the person who is staying indicated. Your enrolment will only be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit.

Final settlement
the balance due for your stay must be paid 30 days before your arrival date at the CIEL Bretagne.
- If you enroll 30 days before the starting date, the total amount has to be paid.

Bank details CCI Brest :
IBAN : FR76 16707 00179 0931948805 89
Bank : BPO Banque Populaire de líOuest 8 rue Saint-SaŽns - 29200 Brest

  • Arrival

If you have chosen to be lodged in a host family, your family can meet you upon arrival, if you let them know your date, time and place of arrival two weeks ahead of time. For other accommodation, the transfer has to be organized by you.

  • Accommodation

In a host family: since all our courses begin on Monday mornings (except bank holiday), your family will welcome you on Sunday evening at the station or at the Brest airport. When you leave on Saturday morning, your family will drive you to the station or at the Brest airport. Any previous arrival or extension of the stay will incur a supplemental fee. Homestay accommodation is based on:
- half board from Monday to Friday : dinner, single room, breakfast
- full board at week-end.
No part of the accommodation fees can be refunded. Full fee charged for any period started. .Other accommodation: any other booking can be made upon request. Payment has to be made directly to the provider.

  • Bank holiday

The Centre is closed during official state holidays. Class hours which are not done can be neither recovered nor refunded.

  • Interruption/absenteeism

In the event of interruption or early departure, fees cannot be reimbursed. Without prior approval from CIEL Bretagne, student absences (hours, days, periods of courses) cannot be refunded.

  • Cancellation

Any cancellation must be made in writing:
- if it is made more than 10 days before the course begins, all fees will be refunded.
- If it is made within the 10 days before the course begins, the down-payment will be withheld by the centre.
Full fee is charged for any course started. Courses without a sufficient number of students in a group may be postponed or the total number of hours per week can be reduced.

  • Personal insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out a personal insurance policy to cover any problems arising during your stay, particularly in case of illness or hospitalization.

  • Copyright

Unless otherwise informed by the student on enrolment, photographs of students may be taken by CIEL Bretagne and used for communication and marketing purposes

  • Claims

Any claim should be addressed in a detailed letter to CIEL Bretagne who undertakes to give the issue its full attention. In case of dispute, the parts shall look for a mutual agreement before any legal action.

  • Exclusion

If a studentís behaviour is liable to have a disruptive effect on the classes or other activities provided (courses, accommodation, leisure activities) or to be damaging to the reputation of CIEL Bretagne, the student in question will be immediately expelled without prior notice and will not be entitled to a refund of the paid fees.

  • Liability

The CIEL Bretagne cannot be held responsible for any personal or material loss, damage or harm incurred, whatever the cause, except in cases where its responsibility is clearly defined by French law.