souffle quality charter

1. Give clear, truthful, comprehensive information as quickly as possible about:

1.1. conditions of registration and cancellation:

the minimum age
conditions of  management and legal protection of underage students
Administrative clause of entry and stay in France

1.2. educational trainings offered:

course description
terms and date sessions
number of hours of class
modalities and level assessment
group composition (minimum and maximum)
educational staff
conditions of validation of assets (certifications, diplomas, tests...)
equipements available to students
clearly detailed cost

1.3. Housing options and extracurricular activities offered

2. Welcome students in the best conditions (depending on the type of  greeting), show him procedures in case of grievance, and be available to help the student as much as possible to facilitate his stays in France

3. provide a teaching of quality, which go through:

3.1. Placing the student in a group of his level after assessment evaluation.

3.2. Strict respect of commitments mentionned in schools’ documents (section 1.2).

3.3.  Teaching by qualified instructors, specialized in their field of instruction

3.4. Premises and equipments adapted to modern methods of living languages teaching.

3.5. Appropriate methods of validation of assets.

4. Concerning housing:

4.1. Upon request provide a list of carefully selected and controlled housing options to students.
4.2. Before his arrival, give to the student the contact of the selected housing.

4.3. Specify applicable charges (cost, included services, term of reservation, cancellation and payment and ruling of disputes).

5. Inform on local possibilities and offer extracurricular activities, sports, and specify if they are free of charge or not.

6. Respect regulation in effect concerning health and safety.


Quality french school