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Leaving Certificate Preparatory Course

CIEL Bretagne language school provides courses specifically designed for the preparation of the Leaving Certificate Exam.

Immersion course

The best way to prepare oneself to the French examination of the Leaving Cert, is to follow a course in France while being immersed in the daily life of a French family where you will be able to use and practice what you have studied in class.

Succeed at your exams

Many students tell us how useful and efficient it is to follow courses in the native language to get better results on their examination scores. Teachers at CIEL Bretagne are professionnals in the field of French as a Foreign Language and they will help you improve your score at the Leaving Certificate Exam.

  • Programme contents

  • International courses : entirely in French with professionals of French Foreign Language every morning from 9h to 13h (you get a 20 minute break around 11h). You participate in an international class with students from all around the world.
  • Group Leaving Cert courses : on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2h to 4h30. You follow a special course designed to help you prepare the French Leaving Certification Exam in a small group of 3 to 6 students.
  • One-to-one Leaving Cert courses : you can design your own courses in the afternoon and have as many or as few hours as you like a week. You get a tutor to help you improve your future test score at the Leaving Cert.
  • Test : students take a test for us to evaluate their French language level.
  • Level : courses are adapted to 5th and 6th year students.
  • Host families : carefully chosen to welcome young students into their daily life. Students spend their evenings with their host family to improve their French communication skills.
  • Excursions : after classes, it is possible for students to join field trips in the afternoon and on weekends around the city or to further places of cultural and/or natural interest.

  • Dates and prices for summer sessions

French courses
Dates 2010
International Course
1 week
20 hours
19/07 > 23/07
02/08 > 06/08
295 €
International Course
1 week
20 hours
295 €
See our discount prices when you take more than one week.
Group Leaving Certificate Preparatory Course
1 week
5 hours
19/07 > 23/07
02/08 > 06/08
105 €
One-to-one Leaving Certificate Preparatory Course
5 hours
275 €
  • Click on the following link for prices and information regarding host families.

  • Better prices

  • You can take advantage of better prices yet by combining one of the following options :

  • Add an extra international course : after following a session of a "Leaving Certificate Preparatory Course", stay another week for an International class and pay only 265€ a week (530€ for 2 weeks) instead of 295€ for a week .
  • Family package : if 2 people of the same family come together, get each 5% off the regular price for the courses you choose.
  • Come with your class : we offer advantageous prices for teachers and students who come as a group to follow a "Leaving Certificate Preparatory Course" or other courses. Contact us so that we can design a programme for you and your class.


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