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Specialized French courses at CIEL Bretagne

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Specialized french courses in France The CIEL Bretagne language school offers a range of specialized French courses given by a team of qualified teachers.

CoursesOrganization: 3, 6 or 10 hours per week (individual lessons)
CoursesDates: all year round
CoursesDFP (Professional French diploma) and DFA (Business French Diploma) preparation on request
CoursesOrganization of CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris) exam sessions possible at CIEL Bretagne.
CoursesPublic: any person wishing to perfect his knowledge of French with a view to a functional use in an economic and social context.
CoursesLevel: from level B1

CoursesCourse: (syllabus adjusted according to the needs and requests of the participants from the components below)
- The French economy
- The business world: professional environment, social and professional relations
- The French Company: French company organization, positions in the company, administrative tasks, the company and its partners, the company and the socio-economic environment.
- The company and professional communication: communication in the company, communication by phone, written communication

Practice preparing the DFA 1 and 2 free of charge with our
online exercises in Business French.

CoursesOrganization: 3, 6 or 10 hours per week (individual lessons)
CoursesDates: all year round
CoursesPublic: any person wishing to perfect their knowledge of French with a view to its use in a professional environment linked to the tourist or hotel industry.
CoursesLevel: from level A2

CoursesCourse: (syllabus adjusted according to the needs and requests of the participants from the components below)
- Knowledge of French: Panorama of France, Paris, different French regions, Brittany
- Reception techniques: welcoming and providing information for visitors, cultural differences, making and changing an appointment
- Tour guide techniques: work of the tour guide, creation of an itinerary and a town tour, map reading, organization of a trip, organization of a stay, creation of a circuit.
- Hotel business: hotel reception, contacts in the tourist industry, different forms of mail from customers
- The travel agency: the tourism officer and his place of work, ticket selling, packages, customer advice and follow-up
- Telephone relations: introducing oneself, making a phone call or asking a caller to wait, taking a message, taking appointments and reservations, changing appointments and reservations.
- Local tourism: working from a brochure, providing practical information: directions, prices, opening times, etc., explaining/describing the touring aspects of Brittany (monuments, sites, costumes, and gastronomy).

CoursesOrganization: individual course to complement the intensive course (3, 6 or 10 hours per week), in individual or semi-private course (flexible timetable)
CoursesPublic: anyone with needs related a specific work activity
CoursesLevel: all levels.

CoursesThemes: - French for the press - Medical French - Scientific and technical French - French for diplomatic relations



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